Personalized vending box evolves with your preferencesPersonalized vending box evolves with your preferences

Vox provides a personalized vending box where people can get essentials and groceries in 10sec., having access 24/7, in their on-premise. Vox serves people seeking a way to get better items quickly at an affordable price with minimum stress on the brain with saving more time.

A map for robots: a programmable world

Robots require a map just like humans do.With such a map robots can operate well autonomously. We believe we can make a programmable world. We are not a map company for humans but for robots. Robots include drones, wheel chairs, autonomous vehicles (AV), construction robots and bikes.

Deliver Sustainable Energy Solutions to Everyone on the Planet

Laboratory 6 is an energy solution company that uses mass produced plant-based carbon batteries, "Cambrian", that help solve climate change. 10x faster charging without risk of explosion, 20 years' battery life, 100 % recyclable, revolutionising the energy storage industry.