Optimize land usage with A.I and satellite data

Tenchijin, certified by JAXA, delivers its « Land Evaluation Engine ». It evaluates the characteristics and potential of the fields to support companies run their business at the best places and with right and sustainable practices, especially for agriculture, city development, disaster management.

To enable safe, sustainable, and affordable spaceflight with the ultimate green fuel - water

Pale Blue is a Japanese aerospace company that develops and manufactures next-generation spacecraft engines. Developed in close collaboration with the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA), Pale Blue's proprietary engines use water as fuel and is able to achieve unprecedented levels of thrust and fuel efficiency. As water is one of the world's safest, most environmentally sustainable, and affordable propellants available today, Pale Blue seeks to disrupt the space mobility industry and accelerate humankind's drive to commercializing and expanding the space economy.