Removing strain from standing works

Archelis is a Yokohama-based hardware startup with a mission to free humanity from the pain and injury of standing work. The company was born out of its founder and CEO Hideyuki Fujisawa’s project to use his engineering expertise to develop gear for doctors to reduce their physical burden from standing while performing surgery in response to a physician’s request. The company’s first product, “archelis” has received numerous awards, including a reddot award (2020) and a Silver Award in IAUD’s (International Association for Universal Design) International Design Award (2019).

A map for robots: a programmable world

Robots require a map just like humans do.With such a map robots can operate well autonomously. We believe we can make a programmable world. We are not a map company for humans but for robots. Robots include drones, wheel chairs, autonomous vehicles (AV), construction robots and bikes.

XELA Robotics: provides the human sense of touch to robots

XELA Robotics produces "uSkin", tactile sensors that enable robots to perform tasks with their hands that previously only humans could do, like gently grasping objects. Our products can be used for example in assembly robots or for warehouse automation.