Create a global platform that drives mankind knowledge

Onikle Inc. offers "Onikle", The preprint search platform for aspiring researchers in Computer Science provides a simple way to find papers with recommendation AI. Organize the papers you find in one place to build your own library, share with your community, and find out what other researchers have read. We support 20000+ scientists who are approaching an uncertain future.

Creating new experiences through video and technology

RUN. EDGE Limited is a startup company, which was carved out of Fujitsu Limited. With the mission of "Creating new experiences through video and technology”, RUN. EDGE provides video search and real-time analysis platforms in the sports and enterprise fields including education.

Wayfarer is redefining hospitality with a tech-driven approach to property management

Wayfarer is leading digital transformation in hospitality with our tech-enabled management brand. We've raised $2 million in funding from property investors who deeply understand the problems and inefficiencies in the hospitality business model, allowing us to grow our unit count by 5x in the last year to drive $3 million annualized revenues. Founded in November 2019 with just an idea, we now have 200 rooms operated and contracted for total assets under management of nearly $50 million in partnership with global property investors and listed Japanese real estate companies. Our vision is to develop a white-label hospitality SaaS platform that redefines the $200 billion hospitality market in Asia.

Turning data into right action by innovation technology

ListenField is an AgTech startup created by academic researchers that specializes in the gathering, processing, and analysis of multilayer data. We provide insightful information to agro professionals, allowing them to make better decisions to optimize their production capabilities.

Rebuild for Individual Empowerment

Our vision is “Rebuild for Individual Empowerment”. We’ve made personal data related products before, and now we are creating a new social media platform. We are passionate about Web3 and blockchain technology.

The innovator of AR technologies

Cellid, Inc. is the nano-technology and AI driven startup company developing display modules for AR glasses and spatial recognition software using visual SLAM. We are providing products that are key components for AR glasses.

Personalized vending box evolves with your preferencesPersonalized vending box evolves with your preferences

Vox provides a personalized vending box where people can get essentials and groceries in 10sec., having access 24/7, in their on-premise. Vox serves people seeking a way to get better items quickly at an affordable price with minimum stress on the brain with saving more time.

Achieving the future of singularity today.

Rutilea provides easy to deploy, plug and play, no-code based software solutions to improve labor productivity of companies with the ultimate goal of solving the problem of global labor shortage.

Security for All

offers simple yet powerful protection from brute-force login attacks, credential stuffing and other automated threats.

Create the Secure World

closip is providing Cell-phone Technology Based Zero Trust Exchange Platform to solve current various security concerns over the Internet.

Qurate allows fast-growing B2B SaaS startups to hit their growth goals more efficiently and effectively by aligning all teams on a single North Star and bringing the most valuable content together into one place for easy access

Qurate is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company pioneering the development of Marketing Technology (MarTech) helping companies to deliver revenue growth through digital marketing transformation. Specializing in social media, content marketing and website management platforms, Qurate has a global presence providing world-class development and education to companies all over the world with offices in Japan and the UK. Qurate was founded in Fukuoka in 2014 by Tom Brooke.

Stay Encrypted, Stay Connected, Be Sustainable

We create secure computing systems that process over always encrypted data, ensuring that no information is exposed at any stage - keeping data safe throughout its lifecycle. We build on this to develop AI systems that enable access to knowledge contained within data without revealing the contents - giving back control over information to its respective owners.

Smart Scheduling Calendar

Spir is a smart scheduling calendar which makes business leaders take back control over calendar. We rebuilt the business calendar, to make scheduling a better experience for both the sender and the recipient.

Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria by next Generation of Medical Device

CarbGeM aims to overcome the problem of antimicrobial resistance through cutting-edge biology and digital technology, cross-industrial and cross-disciplinary collaboration including medicine and engineering, and industry-government-academia collaboration with world leading hospitals and research institutions. Our AI-based product assists physicians and laboratory technicians in estimating the species of bacterial infections and selecting appropriate antimicrobial agents.

Optimize land usage with A.I and satellite data

Tenchijin, certified by JAXA, delivers its « Land Evaluation Engine ». It evaluates the characteristics and potential of the fields to support companies run their business at the best places and with right and sustainable practices, especially for agriculture, city development, disaster management.

Hardware is the next software.

Web services such as Video Streaming and Search Engines are starting to be accelerated by dedicated hardware. Chiptip enables web service developers to provide exceptional customer experiences by incorporating dedicated hardware in data centers.

Making The World's Sports More Interactive

SpoLive Interactive Inc is a Tokyo-based sports tech startup aiming to harness the power of digital to enable sports organizations to bring greater entertainment to fans everywhere. The company challenges itself to bring the excitement that could previously only be experienced in stadiums to anywhere.