Rebuild for Individual Empowerment

Our vision is “Rebuild for Individual Empowerment”. We’ve made personal data related products before, and now we are creating a new social media platform. We are passionate about Web3 and blockchain technology.

The innovator of AR technologies

Cellid, Inc. is the nano-technology and AI driven startup company developing display modules for AR glasses and spatial recognition software using visual SLAM. We are providing products that are key components for AR glasses.

Personalized vending box evolves with your preferencesPersonalized vending box evolves with your preferences

Vox provides a personalized vending box where people can get essentials and groceries in 10sec., having access 24/7, in their on-premise. Vox serves people seeking a way to get better items quickly at an affordable price with minimum stress on the brain with saving more time.

Achieving the future of singularity today.

Rutilea provides easy to deploy, plug and play, no-code based software solutions to improve labor productivity of companies with the ultimate goal of solving the problem of global labor shortage.

The progress for next generation

atDose was founded on September 1, 2017 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan. We are developing a mobile-type dosing and infusion device that can dispense ultra-small doses at precise target points. The lightweight portable intravenous device can be used to support the treatment of diseases such as brain tumors, retinal disease, and breast cancer. With this device, we aim to create a medication platform that will fundamentally change the conventional treatment of serious diseases. For example, side effects such as stomatitis, hair loss, and nausea with anticancer drugs are one of eternal difficulty of medicine. Our ultra-micro-dosing device enables localized, targeted and continuous dosing. Thus, side effects should be reduced while maintaining the efficacy of the drug. Since an animal study has proved our device efficacy, we can go through clinical trial of any cancer therapy. Furthermore, any drug combination can be freely applied with newly approvable dosing amount, therefore, our device will be a novel drug delivery system as a platform technology. We also aim to improve patients' Quality of Life (QoL) with increasing the option of medication procedure. In addition to the conventional treatment, our platform technology will provide an additional procedure that respects patients' preference of QoL . We strongly believe this will improve present medication.

We realize stress-free mobility by a new tire technology.

We have been working to bring unique acoustic inventions to markets for 16 years. Located in Tokyo, Japan. First product was a medical device called "Lung Flute" and it is currently used to find active Tuberculosis cases in developing countries. Now, we have developed and patented a new tire technology to contribute for future mobility society.

XELA Robotics: provides the human sense of touch to robots

XELA Robotics produces "uSkin", tactile sensors that enable robots to perform tasks with their hands that previously only humans could do, like gently grasping objects. Our products can be used for example in assembly robots or for warehouse automation.