Turning data into right action by innovation technology

ListenField is an AgTech startup created by academic researchers that specializes in the gathering, processing, and analysis of multilayer data. We provide insightful information to agro professionals, allowing them to make better decisions to optimize their production capabilities.

The innovator of AR technologies

Cellid, Inc. is the nano-technology and AI driven startup company developing display modules for AR glasses and spatial recognition software using visual SLAM. We are providing products that are key components for AR glasses.

Contribute to a better future for our society through our microscopic observation technology that can be used by anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

We help anyone perform microscopic observation anytime, anywhere. We do this with our microscopic observation technology, MID (Micro Imaging Device).

With our unique and innovative technology based on chemical recycling, AC Biode aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate waste/ocean plastic, and improve recycling rates at a global scale.

AC Biode is a Japanese-European cleantech startup with expertise in chemistry, electronics and material science.

To deliver sustainable energy solutions worldwide

PJP Eye is an energy solution company using its plant based carbon batteries to deliver sustainable energy solutions worldwide.

Fermenting a Renewable Society

Fermenstation is an R&D oriented company focusing on circular society. Through our fermentation technology, we aspire to contribute to the realization of a circular economy.

Technoloigcal innovation in graphene based materials for application in solar cell, battery and fuel cells

The company is developing a unique microwave-excited surface wave plasma process to deposite graphene directly on aribrary susbtrates. Thus, the company gives various solutions for graphene formation on susbtrates like, plastics, glass, metals, dielectric and insulators. The graphene deposited technology has been extented to fabricate graphene-silicon solar cells, graphene coated peroveskite solar cells, all-solid-state lithium ion batteries and fuel cells.

“The world is full of resources ! "

We are currently working on the following projects. Extraction of magnesium and lithium from the sea, smelting magnesium hydroxide into pure magnesium to be used as a raw material for magnesium alloys, supply of domestically produced low-CO2 magnesium as a constituent material for next-generation key industries such as automobiles and robots by overcoming the situation where China accounts for more than 80% of the world's production. To recover CO2 from various sources, such as thermal power generation and atmospheric CO2, generate heat and electricity through a power generation system using the combustion reaction between magnesium and CO2. Furthermore, we aim to kill two birds with one stone by recovering CO2 from many sources, such as thermal power generation and CO2 in the atmosphere, and generating heat and electricity through a power generation system using the combustion reaction of magnesium and CO2 to reduce CO2.

Making it the world’s baseload resource

We "Fast Space inc." is specialized in fabless manufacturing tower for wind turbine. Since our company was founded in 2018, we have been developing tower using proprietary patented structure.

Tiny bubbles will enrich our lives

We solve the challenging environmental problem of clogged and damaged pipes without using chemicals with our Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB) technology which produces nano-sized bubbles for a unique and natural cleaning effect. Over 7,000 customers in Japan trust our technology, UFB DUAL. Satisfied Japanese customers come from industries including medical, housing, factories, hotels, and more! By using UFB, our customers save money, reduce labor and save the environment. We partner with developers, LEED focused building owners.

Top-light floating vertical axis wind turbine for reducing the cost of offshore wind energy

Devloping offshore renewable energy devices including floating vertical axis wind turbine, marine current turbine and wave energy converter.