Unlocking the potential of solute carrier (SLC) transporters against incurable diseases

From its establishment in 2005, J-Pharma, a clinical stage bio-venture company with a special focus on membrane transporters, has been conducting an array of unique drug developments by Hitoshi Endou, MD., Ph.D., formerly a professor of Kyorin University Faculty of Medicine. Recently J-Pharma has been placing the highest priority on the clinical development of its original inhibitors of L-type amino acid transporter 1 (“LAT1”) for the treatment of advanced cancer patients who failed to benefit from standard chemotherapy.

Contributing to the health of people around the world by providing specialized blood cells using stem cell technology

We produce and provide homogeneous and high precision human blood cells to drastically streamline the evaluation of efficacy and safety of drug candidates and functional materials, as well as the research of infectious diseases. We also sell evaluation kits and offer various contract evaluation services.

Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria by next Generation of Medical Device

CarbGeM aims to overcome the problem of antimicrobial resistance through cutting-edge biology and digital technology, cross-industrial and cross-disciplinary collaboration including medicine and engineering, and industry-government-academia collaboration with world leading hospitals and research institutions. Our AI-based product assists physicians and laboratory technicians in estimating the species of bacterial infections and selecting appropriate antimicrobial agents.

Explore Imagine Create The Future of Targeted Medicine

aceRNA Technologies is a biotech startup established in 2018 based on RNA design technology developed in synthetic RNA biology research by Prof. Hirohide Saito at Kyoto University. We are developing "smart gene therapy” (mRNA-based and virus-base) that enables control of therapeutic transgene expression in cell-type and -state specific manner.

Fermenting a Renewable Society

Fermenstation is an R&D oriented company focusing on circular society. Through our fermentation technology, we aspire to contribute to the realization of a circular economy.

Technoloigcal innovation in graphene based materials for application in solar cell, battery and fuel cells

The company is developing a unique microwave-excited surface wave plasma process to deposite graphene directly on aribrary susbtrates. Thus, the company gives various solutions for graphene formation on susbtrates like, plastics, glass, metals, dielectric and insulators. The graphene deposited technology has been extented to fabricate graphene-silicon solar cells, graphene coated peroveskite solar cells, all-solid-state lithium ion batteries and fuel cells.

Save the earth with cells

Research, development, production, and sale of biomaterials, including cells, and soft materials

Accelerating the Bioeconomy through innovative DNA technologies

OriCiro is focused on the development and commercialization of cell-free synthesis and amplification technology of genome-scale large DNA for applications in gene/cell-based therapy and synthetic biology. OriCiro's proprietary technology is positioned to unlock the possibility of advanced therapy and synthetic biology by providing a powerful tool used for research, development and manufacturing in multiple industries including pharmaceutical, diagnostics, agriculture and food sectors. The company is located in Tokyo, Japan.

genomes from scratch for Infinite possibilities

Logomix is a large-scale genome editing startup, engineering mammalian and microbial genome for industrial customers.

By creating pathways into cells, create new pathways for healthcare. These are hybrid nanotubes (HYNTS) that break through the cell walls. Delivering drugs and substances into cells to revolutionize life science.

Hynts Tech is a university startup established in July 2021. We develop and manufacture tools for introducing substances such as DNA, RNA, proteins, or intracellular organelles into cells, or for extracting intracellular materials, and to process cells using these tools.