Create a global platform that drives mankind knowledge

Onikle Inc. offers "Onikle", The preprint search platform for aspiring researchers in Computer Science provides a simple way to find papers with recommendation AI. Organize the papers you find in one place to build your own library, share with your community, and find out what other researchers have read. We support 20000+ scientists who are approaching an uncertain future.

Creating new experiences through video and technology

RUN. EDGE Limited is a startup company, which was carved out of Fujitsu Limited. With the mission of "Creating new experiences through video and technology”, RUN. EDGE provides video search and real-time analysis platforms in the sports and enterprise fields including education.

Turning data into right action by innovation technology

ListenField is an AgTech startup created by academic researchers that specializes in the gathering, processing, and analysis of multilayer data. We provide insightful information to agro professionals, allowing them to make better decisions to optimize their production capabilities.

IoT yoga mat, Best Yoga Experience without injury "yoctoMat"

With a mission to "connect and weave the minds and bodies of people around the world, people to people, and people to society," Yocto is working to DX the wellness industry by fusing IT and yoga. IoT yoga mats and services will be used to address issues in the yoga and wellness industry and provide services that support advanced lessons and training as seen from data.

Personalized vending box evolves with your preferencesPersonalized vending box evolves with your preferences

Vox provides a personalized vending box where people can get essentials and groceries in 10sec., having access 24/7, in their on-premise. Vox serves people seeking a way to get better items quickly at an affordable price with minimum stress on the brain with saving more time.

Democratize the creator economy

We transform the industry with technology and make "human energy" the highest value. We develop services mainly for the entertainment industry. We are developing a minute-by-minute scheduling application for use at events and a revenue-sharing streaming service that applies blockchain technology.

Security for All

offers simple yet powerful protection from brute-force login attacks, credential stuffing and other automated threats.

Create the Secure World

closip is providing Cell-phone Technology Based Zero Trust Exchange Platform to solve current various security concerns over the Internet.

Qurate allows fast-growing B2B SaaS startups to hit their growth goals more efficiently and effectively by aligning all teams on a single North Star and bringing the most valuable content together into one place for easy access

Qurate is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company pioneering the development of Marketing Technology (MarTech) helping companies to deliver revenue growth through digital marketing transformation. Specializing in social media, content marketing and website management platforms, Qurate has a global presence providing world-class development and education to companies all over the world with offices in Japan and the UK. Qurate was founded in Fukuoka in 2014 by Tom Brooke.

Smart Scheduling Calendar

Spir is a smart scheduling calendar which makes business leaders take back control over calendar. We rebuilt the business calendar, to make scheduling a better experience for both the sender and the recipient.

Contributing to the health of people around the world by providing specialized blood cells using stem cell technology

We produce and provide homogeneous and high precision human blood cells to drastically streamline the evaluation of efficacy and safety of drug candidates and functional materials, as well as the research of infectious diseases. We also sell evaluation kits and offer various contract evaluation services.

With our unique and innovative technology based on chemical recycling, AC Biode aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate waste/ocean plastic, and improve recycling rates at a global scale.

AC Biode is a Japanese-European cleantech startup with expertise in chemistry, electronics and material science.

Fermenting a Renewable Society

Fermenstation is an R&D oriented company focusing on circular society. Through our fermentation technology, we aspire to contribute to the realization of a circular economy.

Tiny bubbles will enrich our lives

We solve the challenging environmental problem of clogged and damaged pipes without using chemicals with our Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB) technology which produces nano-sized bubbles for a unique and natural cleaning effect. Over 7,000 customers in Japan trust our technology, UFB DUAL. Satisfied Japanese customers come from industries including medical, housing, factories, hotels, and more! By using UFB, our customers save money, reduce labor and save the environment. We partner with developers, LEED focused building owners.

Deliver Sustainable Energy Solutions to Everyone on the Planet

Laboratory 6 is an energy solution company that uses mass produced plant-based carbon batteries, "Cambrian", that help solve climate change. 10x faster charging without risk of explosion, 20 years' battery life, 100 % recyclable, revolutionising the energy storage industry.

Lift your food restrictions

Sydecas Inc. is a materials development and D2C company in Japan. Originally a manufacturer of daily necessities for the elderly, all of our products are developed based on health care needs.

Connecting people with a smile

Long-term care & technology company.Technology solves the problems of operating 50 nursing care facilities.Group 6 corporations, about 1000 employees.We will contribute to the global long-term care industry through digital transformation.

To build a community where everyone can enjoy skateboarding equally.

Groofy, Inc. Founded, in March 2021. We run online skate video contest called "RIDERS GAME". We create a video curation platform for all of your favorite skills and riders.

Making The World's Sports More Interactive

SpoLive Interactive Inc is a Tokyo-based sports tech startup aiming to harness the power of digital to enable sports organizations to bring greater entertainment to fans everywhere. The company challenges itself to bring the excitement that could previously only be experienced in stadiums to anywhere.