The black card for Entrepreneurs

Japanese black card issuers continuously underwrite applicants using their age, gender and occupation, often favoring veteran corporate employees. This alienates modern entrepreneurs who are increasingly younger, spend and make huge amounts of money through content creation, eCommerce, digital marketing, gaming and more. They need financial services provided by companies that understand this changing dynamic, supporting them with appropriate capital through credit cards and/or lines of credit.


ZORI is an exclusive black card built for entrepreneurs that relies purely on actual social, business and/or financial data to issue cards. We aim to offer; High dynamic spend limits, fast and flexible access to capital, cash back on relevant spend categories and all round support through a 24/7 personal and business concierge, enabling our users to truly focus on growing their businesses.

Misato Kotera
Co-founder, CEO
Louis Mukolwe
Co-founder, CPO
Voice from Acceralator
World Innovation Lab (WiL, LLC.)

ZORI led by the dynamic duo of Misato Kotera and Louis Mukolwe, is a fintech play expanding access to credit for the growing global population of gig workers, and small and medium sized businesses using a proprietary credit scoring methodology. Despite the abundance of product in this space, we still see a huge underserved opportunity here with lots of room to grow. Their journey is already prompting their relocation to Austin, TX, where they will continue to build out the team, develop product, and seek funding.