IoT yoga mat, Best Yoga Experience without injury "yoctoMat"

With a mission to "connect and weave the minds and bodies of people around the world, people to people, and people to society," Yocto is working to DX the wellness industry by fusing IT and yoga. IoT yoga mats and services will be used to address issues in the yoga and wellness industry and provide services that support advanced lessons and training as seen from data.


By developing a yoga mat with a high-tech gravity sensor, yoga mat tells you know the right positions of your weight, hands and feet. This produces a valuable lessons with a higher price both online and offline with a high quality. By understanding your habits, we can provide a more personalized lessons with a breakthrough advice in use of data. This helps us to prevent the quality of lessons from dropouts of people. And we can strengthen management of business.

Takafumi Kawano
Voice from Acceralator

yocto aims for digital transformation in the wellness industry through the use of IoT technologies. yocto is developing IoT mats and trying to empower yoga instructors to provide advanced lessons by utilizing multiple data from the mats.