Tiny bubbles will enrich our lives

We solve the challenging environmental problem of clogged and damaged pipes without using chemicals with our Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB) technology which produces nano-sized bubbles for a unique and natural cleaning effect. Over 7,000 customers in Japan trust our technology, UFB DUAL. Satisfied Japanese customers come from industries including medical, housing, factories, hotels, and more! By using UFB, our customers save money, reduce labor and save the environment. We partner with developers, LEED focused building owners.


The nozzle (UFB DUAL™) generates fine bubbles with cavitation that results in ultra fine bubbles. Japan approved UFB for use in portable water, a rare occurrence as Japan has very high standards for drinking water and only rarely provides approval. With that approval, production of UFB took off as this nozzle by attaching inside water pipes to produce the nano bubbles, removes the issue of introducing external water, air and power to produce the bubbles. By installing it in the piping of each household, the entire house receives ultra-fine-bubbled water and gets the benefits of a cleaner environment involving less harmful detergents. Over 7,000 locations have installed UFB in Japan so far in industries ranging from housing, hospital, factories, and agriculture/aquaculture. A medical example, includes the benefits achieved from its use in the critical dialysis machines in hospitals was shared by the Japan Dialysis Association Society in 2019 and 2021

Kazushi Fujita
Natsumi Ito
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With versitle founding team, Water Design Japan makes use of UFB Dual technology, or technology that expedites cleaning, ensuring a mess-free and cost-saving process. The business is primarily in the Cleantech and sustainability sectors.