Sonics Brings New Future to Cancer Patients

Sonire has developed Next Gen US-guided HIFU therapy system using technology and know-how generated by Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Tohoku University and Tokyo Medical University for cancer treatment. It is expected to be a new therapeutic modality for intractable cancer like pancreatic cancer.


SONIRE has developed Next-Gen US-Guided HIFU therapy system which offers short-time and effective treatment. To realize this, SONIRE is taking an approach involving the creation of cavitation bubbles. Cavitation refers to a physical phenomenon in which bubbles are generated and dissipated in a short period of time due to pressure differences in a liquid stream. SONIRE’s technology utilizes the absorption of ultrasound energy by the cavitation bubbles generated by ultrasonic pressure to enhance the heating effect and allow for faster and effective treatment.

Tohru Satoh
President & CEO
Tohru Satoh
President & CEO
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Pre-Clinical, 2016 Restore Vision is a startup from Keio University School of Medicine. Restore Vision is developing gene therapy to restore vision for blind patients with retinitis pigmentosa. Retinitis pigmentosa is a designated intractable disease with no current treatment. Restore Vision is developing a gene therapy for visual restoration using chimeric rhodopsin, a light-sensing protein. Their product delivers genes with an AAV vector, causes chimeric rhodopsin gene induction, and enables patients to see even under low light conditions without goggles.