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Rutilea provides easy to deploy, plug and play, no-code based software solutions to improve labor productivity of companies with the ultimate goal of solving the problem of global labor shortage.


Our company offers products and services in three main business applications: Optimization on Digital Twin (work schedule optimization system/work monitoring system), automation with AI (ImagePro, ...), and engineering services.

Takafumi Yano
Takafumi Yano
CEO - Founder
Voice from Acceralator

Rutilea is revolutionizing the data used by agricultural commodity suppliers and buyers. Variable crop yields and uncertain pricing bedevil growers, suppliers, traders and industrial users. Rutilea's team has discovered that, as a starting point, the coffee industry lacks the information necessary to predict field-by-field values. But Rutliea's core technology allows that data to be collected quickly, distributed efficiently and used by all participants to optimize their returns. They have been expanding their customer base for two years now by providing major Japanese manufacturers with data-driven solutions to improve labor productivity and labor shortage issues. They are looking to expand their customer base in the US market by using their technologies and solutions with potential investors and operating companies to consider partnerships in the US.