Creating new experiences through video and technology

RUN. EDGE Limited is a startup company, which was carved out of Fujitsu Limited. With the mission of "Creating new experiences through video and technology”, RUN. EDGE provides video search and real-time analysis platforms in the sports and enterprise fields including education.


"PITCHBASE" application for baseball has been introduced by more than 14 professional baseball teams in Japan and U.S., as well as amateur baseball. “FL-UX”, application for field sports such as soccer, basketball, and rugby, has been introduced by more than 80 top professional and amateur clubs in Japan and overseas.

Atsushi Oguchi
Voice from Acceralator

The business makes use of sports technology to provide a more interactive experience for users. Using its PITCHBASE and FL-UX for professional basketball and field sports respectively, the company has just concluded fundraising of pre-series B. RUN.EDGE's product will allow to increase players training effeciency.