Innovate Sensing Technologies for any vibration and flow

We are challenging the infinite possibilities of ultra-sensitive wire-type sensors. In 2019, we succeeded in developing an ultra-sensitive and extra-fine sensors for the medical, nursing care, and industrial applications. And now, these sensors are widely used to inspect defects and predict maintenances for machines and robots.


Our ultra-sensitive wire sensors have highly potential in various fields compared to other conventional sensors. They are especially used for monitoring and preventive maintenance of various industrial machines, robots, conveyor, and factory equipment in large-scale production lines and warehouses. They can also be used to inspect internal defects in molds and machine parts.

Masayoshi Ohmura
Masayoshi Ohmura
Executive Officer, Sales and Marketing
Leo Miyamoto
Voice from Acceralator
World Innovation Lab (WiL, LLC.)

Robosensor boasts a deep lineup of industry veterans who have built a differentiated and relatively turnkey sensor solving for the massive cost of manufacturing downtime within the growing Industry 4.0 space. Already partnered with dozens of the largest OEMs in Japan, their years of business development experience and domain expertise puts them in optimal position to acquire the business of the largest manufacturing companies globally.