Introducing technology into the realm of physical therapy with the aim of creating a better future for us all.

In Japan we suffer from a super-aging society. This aging population issue poses an urgent challenge to the medical sector. We need faster discharge rates at hospitals in order to stable revenue models and profitability. We can solve this problem with our proprietary technology - SAA.


SAA has three strengths. First is the ability to estimate motor and cognitive abilities from sleep vitals. While there are other companies that can visualize sleep, we are the only ones with this technology. We have a acquired a patent in Japan. Second- SAA is versatile and compatible with all types of devices. Third- We can offer 1.2 million health promotion programs and health risks scenarios.

Hirokazu Masuda
Voice from Acceralator
Plug and Play Japan

Rehabilitation 3.0 has been conducting a joint research with NTT Docomo, Japan's leading mobile operator. Together they developed a unique AI to measure the cognitive and motor abilities of the elderly from their sleep data. The company is already in concrete discussions with a number of large companies to expand its business, and through this program it has attracted the attention of overseas companies as well.