Accelerating the Bioeconomy through innovative DNA technologies

OriCiro is focused on the development and commercialization of cell-free synthesis and amplification technology of genome-scale large DNA for applications in gene/cell-based therapy and synthetic biology. OriCiro's proprietary technology is positioned to unlock the possibility of advanced therapy and synthetic biology by providing a powerful tool used for research, development and manufacturing in multiple industries including pharmaceutical, diagnostics, agriculture and food sectors. The company is located in Tokyo, Japan.


OriCiro® Cell-Free Switching system allows you Cell-free assembly and amplification aimed at replacing cell-based cloning. OriCiro offers ground breaking, cell-free technologies of large DNA assembly and amplification that can effectively replace the conventional E. coli cloning process.

Seiji Hirasaki
CEO & Founder
Masayuki Suetsugu
CTO & Founder
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OriCiro has developed proprietary, patented technology for cell-free synthesis of large DNA molecules. This has the potential to be a powerful tool for biopharma companies anywhere in the world.