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Onikle Inc. offers "Onikle", The preprint search platform for aspiring researchers in Computer Science provides a simple way to find papers with recommendation AI. Organize the papers you find in one place to build your own library, share with your community, and find out what other researchers have read. We support 20000+ scientists who are approaching an uncertain future.


Onikle has reduced the search time by up to 80% by providing the most suitable papers without searching using features such as paper library sharing and recommendation AI. Onikle is currently being used in 60 countries around the world, and the company will continue to develop its business with a global team, aiming to become a market leader with investments from overseas investors.

Sunao Tateno
Sunao Tateno
Kengo Shikama
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Onikle has developed a search platform of the same name, offering easy access to aspiring Computer Science researchers. The search platform, built on Artificial Intelligence, will find papers, allow researchers to organize them in a library, and share these within their scientific community.