Contributing to the health of people around the world by providing specialized blood cells using stem cell technology

We produce and provide homogeneous and high precision human blood cells to drastically streamline the evaluation of efficacy and safety of drug candidates and functional materials, as well as the research of infectious diseases. We also sell evaluation kits and offer various contract evaluation services.


Our products are high precision immature blood cells, which accelerate various types of evaluation and research of drugs and functional materials. Kit products, which contain a set of the necessary items for evaluation, are also available.

President & CEO
President & CEO
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Cells for Alternative Pyrogen Testing, 2016 MiCAN Technologies is a startup that uses regenerative medicine technologies of Kumamoto University. MiCAN Technologies manufactures homogeneous and precise human blood cells such as immature dendritic cells for use of basic infectious disease research. To improve animal welfare, there is increasing demand for alternatives to replace bio-material (like rabbits) in pyrogen tests with human cells or PBMC. However, alternatives can’t detect all type of bacteria, have been expensive and have not had reliable supply. MiCAN Technologies has created a new type of Monocyte Activation Test(MAT) with an immature dendritic cell using its unique technology, which can detect all type of bacteria very sensitively.