Deliver Sustainable Energy Solutions to Everyone on the Planet

Laboratory 6 is an energy solution company that uses mass produced plant-based carbon batteries, "Cambrian", that help solve climate change. 10x faster charging without risk of explosion, 20 years' battery life, 100 % recyclable, revolutionising the energy storage industry.


We sell personal mobilities and energy storage solutions using Cambrian batteries. We provide unique and sustainable solutions to the global markets

June Oyama
Hiroaki Nishina
翁 詠傑
Voice from Acceralator
Berkeley SkyDeck

Laboratory6 is a sustainable energy solution company that mass produces a patented organic carbon battery called “Cambrian". Cambrian can be charged 20 times faster, and it has a life of 20 years or more compared to other batteries. Victoriya Shirota, the company’s Global Sales Manager, participated in the SkyDeck program, and benefited a lot from SkyDeck’s female founder programming. Victoriya has a great passion for advocating for underrepresented groups such as female founders.