Collecting, Connecting, and Communicating Consumer Insights

Koeerü Inc. is a Kyoto-based company that builds industry-specific customer data platforms using design-thinking methodology for better user engagement and more meaningful insights for our corporate and governmental clients.


From survey tools and fan communities to interactive dashboards and links to marketing automation platforms, Koeerü's customer data platforms are designed to help clients from collection to action. Currently, we have industry-specific designs for tourism, smart cities, and e-commerce businesses.

Michael McDowell
Founder & CEO
Soji Nagano
Elysia Toh
Nguyen Huy
Voice from Acceralator

"Koeerü extracts real, actionable information and recommendations from all kinds of customer data, combining surveys, own branded communities and many other sources. By contextualizing the responses, relative to both other survey respondents and to broader industry, market and economic realities, Koeerü provides its customers with much more than just a statistical analysis of responses. The company serves large governmental clients in Japan, and has discovered a deep and growing need for their product outside Japan. Starting with tourism and growing to e-commerce, Koeerü is looking for marketing distribution partners."