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Long-term care & technology company.Technology solves the problems of operating 50 nursing care facilities.Group 6 corporations, about 1000 employees.We will contribute to the global long-term care industry through digital transformation.


Next generation care solution from Japan.Power of edge technology relieves greatest fear of home care and facility care.Utilizing the data collected from the long-term care facilities that we operate, we are promoting an approach to prevent illness and long-term care.

Masatoshi Masuda
Voice from Acceralator
Plug and Play Japan

Infic is a company that provides nursing care services for the elderly and has developed several IoT devices to solve the problem of human resource shortages. Based on their rich experience in the nursing care business, they have completed the devices needed by nursing care facilities, and more than 5,000 devices have already been installed in various facilities in Japan. Through this program, they have also attracted attentions from overseas companies.