By creating pathways into cells, create new pathways for healthcare. These are hybrid nanotubes (HYNTS) that break through the cell walls. Delivering drugs and substances into cells to revolutionize life science.

Hynts Tech is a university startup established in July 2021. We develop and manufacture tools for introducing substances such as DNA, RNA, proteins, or intracellular organelles into cells, or for extracting intracellular materials, and to process cells using these tools.


We provide nanotube membrane stamp and systems, as well as cell processing services using them. The strength of our technology is that it can deliver substances into cells more quickly and efficiently than existing methods, and it can introduce large molecules such as proteins and cell organelles, which were difficult to introduce with existing methods. If you are interested, please contact us.

Mutsuko Aoki
CEO and co-founder
Mutsuko Aoki
CEO and co-founder
Takeo Miyake
Technical Adviser and co-founder
Voice from Acceralator
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Hynts Tech is a startup from Waseda University that has developed a unique new technology for inserting substances into cells. This new technology has potential to revolutionize regenerative medicine and cell therapy as it can insert substances into cells faster and more efficiently than existing technologies. Since the technology can be applied to various fields, other applications are expected to be developed in the future.