Stay Encrypted, Stay Connected, Be Sustainable

We create secure computing systems that process over always encrypted data, ensuring that no information is exposed at any stage - keeping data safe throughout its lifecycle. We build on this to develop AI systems that enable access to knowledge contained within data without revealing the contents - giving back control over information to its respective owners.


Our first product line, DataArmor allows for the encryption of data in a target database and AI models and processing over such encrypted data; this results in completely encrypted databases and AI models even while operations are executed - enabling security and BYOK data models.

Kiezik, Michal
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Imabayashi, Hiroki
Maruyama, Yusuke
Voice from Acceralator

Eaglys have developed a unique technology to exchange data in a secure way without having to worry about data protection. Eaglys ultra-fast and always-on encryption technology enables the capture of the value of data without ever giving up control over what level of information is shared or worrying about loss of confidential data – which makes it particularly appealing to companies exchanging financial, personal and other sensitive data. With impressive traction in their home market in Japan, Eaglys is now looking to now expand to the US market and speaking with potential partners.