Citadel AI Inc., the leader in trustworthy AI infrastructure

Citadel AI helps AI teams to monitor and test their AI applications. Over 80% of AI applications fail in real world deployments due to data quality issues, and our products automatically detect and mitigate these problems. We aim to be "the Datadog for AI".


Our two products provide real-time, end-to-end reliability for your AI applications. Citadel Lens: Automated model stress testing during model development Citadel Radar: Automated data and model monitoring during model serving

Hironori "Rick" Kobayashi
President and Representative Director
Hironori "Rick" Kobayashi
Co-Founder & CEO
Kenny Song
Co-Founder & CTO
Voice from Acceralator

Citadel AI ensures users in the machine learning sector that their Artificial Intelligence operates at best optimal performance. The company provides monitoring, testing, and governance tools to help users oversee the development of their own technology.