Hardware is the next software.

Web services such as Video Streaming and Search Engines are starting to be accelerated by dedicated hardware. Chiptip enables web service developers to provide exceptional customer experiences by incorporating dedicated hardware in data centers.


Chiptip provides an FPGA cloud, on which users can create their own dedicated hardware at a very low cost thanks to our hardware virtualization technology. Once the user creates a dedicated hardware, it can easily be replicated to a massive scale by our distributed computing framework.

Eric Fukuda
Voice from Acceralator
Berkeley SkyDeck

Chiptip’s business model is to sell the virtualization and application library modules to cloud computing service providers and charge an annual license fee. The CEO is a driven founder and has clear goals for what he wants to achieve. They benefited tremendously from SkyDeck’s intern program. They hired a UC Berkeley intern with skills that Eric would not be able to find in Japan.