We provide a better alternative for stem cell transplantation.

Celaid Therapeutics is an early stage Japan-based startup company that is based on the novel ex vivo expansion technology of hematopoietic stem cell invented at University of Tokyo and University of Tsukuba. Our mission is to develop cell therapy products that will be the next-generation stem cell transplantation.


Our proprietary growth media is serum-free and chemically defined, which allows hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) to efficiently grow ex vivo while maintaining the high function. Our expanded HSC product can solve the current issues in the stem cell transplantation, including long waiting period and severe side effects, and provide the high success rates.

Nobuyuki Arakawa
President & CEO
Motoo Watanabe
Chairman & CSO
Nobuyuki Arakawa
President & CSO
Satoshi Yamazaki
Board Director
Voice from Acceralator

Stem Cell Expansion Technology, 2020 Celaid Therapeutics is a spin-out from University of Tokyo and University of Tsukuba. Celaid owns the proprietary technology to efficiently expand hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) ex vivo. Celaid is developing cell therapy products that potentially replace the current HSC transplantation, which requires invasive procedures for donors and take about half a year to coordinate. By using umbilical cord blood as a source, Celaid’s products can solve these issues and dramatically reduce the risk for graft-versus-host disease, a common side effect for HSC transplantation. Since the Celaid's technology can be applied to all sources of HSC, Celaid's products can be a therapeutic solution for many diseases, including blood cancer, immune disease, and inherited metabolic disorders.