Top-light floating vertical axis wind turbine for reducing the cost of offshore wind energy

Devloping offshore renewable energy devices including floating vertical axis wind turbine, marine current turbine and wave energy converter.


Floating Axis Wind Turbine (FAWT) is the vertical axis wind turbine mounted on a "rotating" cylindrical float. The turbine is light-weight, low-center-of-gravity and tiltable. These features reduce the floater size and total cost of the floating offshore wind turbine. FAWT reduces the capital expenditure of floating wind turbine by 50% and cost of energy by 30%. Because its offshore installation does not require any crane ships, constracting very large floating turbines is possible. Completing water tank experiments, we are searching for the opportunities of neareshore deomonstration.

Hiromichi AKIMOTO
Representative partner (CEO)
Hiromichi AKIMOTO
Representative Partner (CEO)
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Albatross Technology is developing patented innovative ocean renewable energy technologies aiming for the significant cost reduction of ocean energy. They have an interesting product with market potential, and a very reasonable Go-To-Market strategy. The CEO has great credentials, and will put together a great team to commercialize their technology.