Democratize the creator economy

We transform the industry with technology and make "human energy" the highest value. We develop services mainly for the entertainment industry. We are developing a minute-by-minute scheduling application for use at events and a revenue-sharing streaming service that applies blockchain technology.


”airamp” Democratize the creator economy with artist database & revenue share. If you and your friend have a band, create a tip jar on airamp. You can invite all of the band members and set up the revenue share% one by one. When it’s published, we generate a QR code for Audience and Event page with Tip jar button. But more than that, we provide project member lists from the revenue share data. And these artist profiles automatically track and update the collaboration history. This artist database will be a trusted database that guarantees entertainment job seekers what they did.

Kazuo Saito
Founder CEO of airamp
Voice from Acceralator

Airamp is revolutionizing the gig entertainment marketplace. Backup musicians, roadies, and technical staff often find their networks weak, their income limited, their name recognition zero. Airamp allows tips, revenue-sharing, mutual support, and a more effective way for gig entertainers to build market presence. The company is currently in the development phase in Japan.