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aceRNA Technologies is a biotech startup established in 2018 based on RNA design technology developed in synthetic RNA biology research by Prof. Hirohide Saito at Kyoto University. We are developing "smart gene therapy” (mRNA-based and virus-base) that enables control of therapeutic transgene expression in cell-type and -state specific manner.


We have developed a microRNA-based expression control platform with two patented technologies; 1) RNA switch, a microRNA-based gene circuit that can either turn on or turn off transgene expression with the absence or presence of specific intracellular microRNA, 2) Switch-Seq, a high-throughput screening system to identify cell-specific microRNA.

Susumu Teruo
Teruo Susumu
President, aceRNA Technologies
Hirohide Saito
Professor, Kyoto University
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Pre-Clinical, 2018 aceRNA Technologies is a spin-out from the CiRA (Center for iPS Cell Research and Application) at Kyoto University. aceRNA aims to develop RNA switch technology to control the therapeutic effect of gene therapies in a context-dependent manner. Their microRNA-based expression control platform can identify highly active microRNAs in target cells, and regulate protein expression in response to the activity of these specific miRNAs. Their approach makes gene therapy (virus-based and mRNA-based) able to specifically target abnormal cells in disease, and therefore improve safety and increase efficacy.